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Study UK Consultants (SUKC) is a corporate of young, hardworking and dedicated professionals who are expert in the field of Education and Immigration. we are committed to offer precise, honest and up to date consultancy services related to UK education and immigration. We have been striving to build a better future for students and professionals who want to settle in the United Kingdom
Everyone who travels abroad for the first time have some good and some bad experience. We with first-hand experience totally understand the needs of people travelling abroad. Hence, we are here to provide various service under one roof for a hurdle-free and pleasant settling experience in UK.
As a student, we faced many challenges and hardships when we first came to study whether it was finding a clean and economical place to live or to find a part time job. Now we are well-settled in the UK and are working for the top MNC’s.We started this consultant service to support students and enthusiastic immigrants who want to come to the UK to study or for work.
For students, we will provide first hand guidance to select best study course which matches your current education. As per our principles, we have a policy of recommending only those colleges/ universities which are accredited by UK government. SUKC has been maintaining high standards of ethics and faithfully believes in transparency while providing value service to you first time and every time. Having assessed your interests, skills, priorities and preferences, we present to you an array of courses and programs from different established colleges, institutes and universities in UK, for you to choose from.
At SUKC you will be benefited from the convenience of a complete “one-stop” shop. Either its career counselling, professional assistance with visa processing, ticketing, pick-up from airport, getting temporary accommodation, job search or getting settled in the UK. All your needs starting from pre-departure to post landing and settlement in the UK will be taken care by us.
At SUKC you will receive tailored initial information on the workings of different UK systems like transport, banking, health etc. These useful tips and general information about living and working in the UK will help you in easy and quick settlement at the same time saving u a lot of time and money.
We have a team of skilled professionals segregated into different teams to provide support for all your needs. We believe in constructing long lasting relationships and we continue to support you in achieving your endeavors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the best UK immigration consultant in India by continuously exceeding our client’s expectations by giving thorough, honest and personalized advice which strengthens our relationship with our clients and their families.

Our Journey

How does it feel traveling to an unknown country with no relatives or friends around?
Daunting!!! Isn’t it?
Let me narrate to you a true story. A boy traveled to UK with a promise to be picked up from the Heathrow airport by a family friend. On arrival he was shocked not to find anyone at the airport to receive him. He waited for hours losing his hope and confidence. He had no courage to call back home in India to give his parents this shocking news, so he called his uncle in India who supported him and guided him to call the UK number he had. When he called the UK number no one responded to his phone call. Finally, he mustered all the courage he had and booked a cab for the house address he was given by the family friend. To his surprise and further dismay no one answered the door. Heart-broken he walked back to the cab, luckily the cab driver sympathized with him and asked him if he had anyone in UK where he can spend night. My husband had an Indian acquaintance now living in Liverpool. He called him, and the cab driver helped him get the train to Liverpool. This is story of my husband.
On the contrary, I travelled to UK from Mumbai with no relatives, no friends and no promises to be picked up at the airport. Those days yahoo chats were very famous, and my sister had made an online friend from London. He was a student from Sri-Lanka. Few days before my departure, he promised to come and receive me at the airport. When I landed at Heathrow, I was scared but what I find in front of me a BIG smiling face with my name on the card. I had a warm welcome and first thing he did was inserted a SIM card in my phone, so I could call my parents back home and relieve their anxiety. Secondly, he travelled with me from Heathrow to my University in Kent and settled me in my hostel accommodation. He bought me basic foodstuff to settle down and visited me first few weeks to make sure I was doing well. He also helped me find a job and showed me important things required for smooth settling in this country. When I asked him why he would help unknown people his golden words impinged on my heart forever. He said, “Sister, try and help someone who travels to this country by themselves and help them settle down and feel the happiness in doing so.”
Everyone who travels abroad for the first time be it for tourism, study or immigration have some good and some bad experience. We with first-hand experience totally understand needs of people travelling abroad. Hence, we are here to provide various service under one roof for a hurdle free and pleasant settling experience in UK.
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